Reader, the writers of this blog are not here to sell you anything or direct you to a site to buy something. All we do here is protecting foreigners living (or planning to) in the Philippines 

Matt Wilkie like others miserable sexpats is trapped in the Philippines at his 40s with wife and children, with no income coming from abroad, can’t bring his family to the UK where he’s originated not able to provide the minimum requirements imposed by the British government, an annual income of about 20K Euros. 

But he talks in his blogs about £150K a year! Reader, please read what he said below, then take a look on the links at the end. 
You owe it to yourself not to be a victim of Matt Wilkie and his band of the same sexpats living in the Philippines. 

Matt Wilkie said: 
“This focus on what your doing actually improves your efficiency and the way you work but also overlaps into your everyday life. If you follow it you’re going to see some positive changes that are quick to see the impact on improvements. The main thing is keeping these objectives listed and making sure you do it with all things you’re doing.”

Reader, You got it? Me neither”

“Decide what you want in life and work – First focus especially now in a new year is sitting down and deciding what you want to do for 2014. This isn’t just about your work life but also home life.

Think on paper.- Transfer all your goals and thoughts onto paper and not just in your mind. This reinforces the fact these things are real and achievable. You can see your goals right in front of you.”

“Set a deadline for goal.- To achieve a goal it needs a target and as such you need to create a timescale for each objective you have created. This stops you putting it off  for the next year.

Make a list of everything you want to do to complete your task. – Now you have a full list which is the most important and how you can achieve your goals, this may be a sequence of events e.g. your final destination for 2014 maybe a new car and a new job. So the stepping stones may be “upgrade qualifications, apply for more senior job” as the first step leading on to a free company car and promotion.” 

Reader, You’re still here? Kepp reading Matt’s crap, almost done. 

“Organize list into a plan of importance. – Decide what you want to achieve this year and what is the most important out of everything. These should be the end focus and using the “stepping stones” you should put them in order so that you can reach your end goal.

Take action immediately to force instant progress. – Action starts now, not later today or tomorrow. Starting now enforces the fact this is possible and you’re going to do it whatever it takes. Immediate action is going to start the wheels in motion.

Resolve something every day that moves you towards your goal. – A lot of the time it may appear a large task is impossible to reach. But like the small ants any mountain is moveable if enough effort is put in by enough people. You may not have the people but you can do it in bite size chunks by achieving something every day that gets you in the direction you want to head.”

Almost done guys! 

 Although the same chain of thought and way of working will work for anything you do. E.g. sitting in your office chair you have a set number of tasks you need to do today you can also use it as goals for the year, month, week. Because it’s re-organising your life and work structure that will help advance your career and give you more time for family.

For the goals for what you want to achieve in 2014 start by only doing 10 goals you want to achieve this year. Then use the information above to create your list for 2014.

Rephrase words from “I have to” do more positive things like “I am” an example of this is :-

I have to increase my salary to £150,000 by the end of 2014. I am earning £150,000 before the end of 2014.

There you go, people! You’re in good hands! 150,000 British pounds a year. And he did it! Watch the video below what he said from Spain. 

It reinforces action over possibilities, the less hesitance in life and the more focus on achieving the more likely its going to become possible to do. How does your list look? Did you set them in priorities? Did you use stepping stones where needed?

This should be what you focus on daily to achieve the end goals you want in life and this year.”


 About Matt Wilkie

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