Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK (Worcestershire) had another crisis of delirium

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK in times critical to his survival in the UK, where he fled in emergency, before the expat community in the Philippines “takes care of him” because of the harm he has done to them, and instead of spending time on Evan Iliadis, who all he did was disclosing his ill behavior it would be better looking to find a job to feed his starving family he left behind in the Philippines, instead he went on YouTube and posted this: 

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK
Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK – Matt Wilkie Philippines

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK life of lies and failures.

At his 40s, managed to escape the Philippines, where he migrated and lived for nearly 7 years. For 7 years he fooled his family, friends and the world that he “had  made it in a country anyone else failed” spreading lies and deceits not even retards would give a dime. But once a member in the club of crooks in the Philippines, there will always be a victim on your way to steal his money, Matt Wilkie had his hey days also in this department, but in a very cruel and unusual way.  Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Folks, no one know better than Evan Iliadis  the dark side of this delusional guy, so dangerous to those living close, unpredictable, heavily medicated with psychotropic pills known as having dangerous side effects. His mythomanic behavior and out of reality lifestyle pushed his delirium to the extreme, going as far as convincing his wife to believe that she lives in Worcester UK, while she struggles to survive in Minglanilla as an abandoned mother of two, one with autistic disorders. Here is his wife’s, April Wilkie FB page.


Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK
Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK – Matt Wilkie Philippines



Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK - Matt Wilkie Philippines
Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK – Matt Wilkie Philippines


A few days ago he came up with another video as ordered by “the voices” in the middle of the night. Someone told him, that passports for his family are about to be printed for all of them, wife and children, are moving to Germany, or Spain, or Greece, “where ever he can find a driver’s job, or invest in a business tax-free, or buy a house with a pool much much cheaper than in the UK! It varies depending on the day and dose, or type of medication he consumed.

Noticed? He has 272 videos on YouTube.   Reader, if it happened you’re aresearcher, a student in medicine, or need to present a these for your grades relating to psychos you’re on the right blog.  

You don’t need to hear all of his videos, a few will do it, I doubt you’ll go all the way to the end, the first 2 minutes of the clip will already show the color.

There aren’t any passports, Matt Wilkie abandoned his family in the Philippines as expected by an asshole, spending the money earned from monkey business he had there, until the people he screw  were looking for revenge, forcing him to leave the country

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK needs our help.

You, family and friends living around him in the UK you can’t stay indifferent to his problem. You owe it to yourself, you must fly to his rescue. You have all contributed to his failure by not pushing the alarm button when it was due, instead, you let go all his lies reading on his blogs and FB pretend you were believing them.

You did not advise him to stay away and don’t get involved with Evan Iliadis’ crusades on criminals and pimps living in the Philippines. Instead, he chose to format alliances with them thinking they can censure Evan. Big miscalculation. Evan has been a warrior all his life, a little liar and schizophrenic like Matt care no weight on how Evan will plan his battles, neither will change his motivations. The coalition tried and failed.

All he achieved, is giving material of appreciation to prospective employers and partners. No one is hired today without Google’s opinion. Here is what he’d say on him. 

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK
Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK – Matt Wilkie Philippines


You know what, Matt? Better they aren’t clicking on your videos! If reading others’ blogs there was a slim chance them overcome their doubts, listening your clips they got the confirmation they needed. You’re out buddy! Not even a laborer’s work!

Which brings us to the following video below where you blame the UK Immigration for your trouble. That’s the reason you want to go to the countries you mentioned? Well, Matt, I think you didn’t get it. No one wants losers in their country, even the one you’re citizen of. 

For years, you kept going on blaming one of the richest countries in the world for refusing to assume your family responsibilities. At 40’s you aren’t capable of securing the minimum income required for obtaining visas for your family, even as low it is. You’re lying by saying:

“Yeah! I have a good job, make a lot of money, but I can’t prove it! No records, no bank statements!”

Yeah? You have a job? What this job is? When you work in?  You’re on FB, playing with your camera, making worthless videos and blogs all day long, updating. Everything except working!  And you want your government to assume responsibility for your family… Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Evan Iliadis in Matt’s Wilkie life.  Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

The last thing anyone was expecting now tough days Matt Wilkie’s going thru, was to be on the net again talking about Evan Iliadis, defying what anyone told him: Not to. Evan is 66, not looking for work, no one will Google him for any reason, other than to see what the coalition of his criminal friends wrote about him. Industrial size trashes.

But how and why Matt Wilkie ended up on Evan’s wall of shame?

In this video, Matt Wilkie said “He doesn’t care what Evan says, downplayed his blogs on him, he doesn’t care. So, why waste his time to publish a video on Evan?

This is another lie friends. Matt Wilkie does care what Evan is writing about him. Because he’s stack with the coalition, he thought if he joins them against Evan they will help him by giving him a small share of their crooked business as follows:

Christopher “Chris” Bennetts promised him the teaching of how to become a successful pimp, even though he failed of becoming one, that’s why he chose the low end of porn sites to survive, where only psychopaths and sexually disturbed will put their credit card to watch them.

Perry Gamsby, a known figure in Cebu, Philippines nightlife a few years ago, went bankrupt, like Matt, back to Australia with a wife AND 5 kids, not even half are his, milking the generous Australian welfare system. Click on his name a read the story.

Tim Potter, also known as USMC  A crook soliciting expats in the forums to sell them pirated, obsolete software, was working with Matt Wilkie to market “the product” in Cebu. Tim left Cebu broke, he’s now in Sugarland, TX with wife and 2 kids. He’s 50+ wife 20+. Who knows where the wife is? I guess she dumped him as soon as she got her papers. A usual mail bride story!!

Guenther Vomberg.  Also known as “The Commander. The mother of all narcissists expats living in Cebu Philippines. Without the uniform that fooling the globe he’s a Commander of the Philippines Navy, will commit suicide. He goes all over the forums selling influence “and “favors” to expats. Thousands of posts in the forums, habile  and clever in selling bridges, he tried hard to derail my campaign against a psychopath owner of the, his name is Paul Petrea  Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Friends and family of Matt Wilkie Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Your son, brother, cousin, friend, gone from the Philippines but not forgotten. No one will miss him. Recently wrote in one of his blogs this:

Leaving the Philippines but like McArthur I shall return!

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“The age in which we live today is far more opinionated than it once was. I am not sure if this is the rise of Celebrity nonsense shows like X – Factor where there “has to be” an opinion or something deeper.

But the fact is I have left the Philippines at least for now and we will continue to grow things there even if I am abroad. The reality is, for me the kids are getting a bit older and I want an international recognized education for them. As well as the social network that can be developed into a business network. The Philippines don’t have the same level of opportunities that the West can offer”.

Evan Iliadis said: Wilkie family and friends, help Matt with his treatment, convince him to undergo drugs, alcohol and computer detoxification. He needs internment in a specialized institution guarded 24/7/365. Before being too late!

The Philippines got rid of him, England doesn’t want him, neither does Germany, Spain, Greece or France. Only mental institutions will welcome him. And is free in the UK. Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK