Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. 

Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.
Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

Yes, absolutely! Readers, Many of you are looking for Matt Wilkie in the Philippines because at some point he has defrauded you, ruined, (or tried to) your life by reporting you to the Philippines National Police in Cebu with fake accusations. You’re in the right place. Here is the latest.

Matt Wilkie fled the Philippines sometime in February to escape prosecution and vengeance from expats and locals he has abused over the years, leaving his family in the Philippines to suffer the consequences.

He said he landed in England, but we are not sure. Make no mistake, if true, this liar – egomaniac will show it in the biggest way possible. Not a single evidence that he’s there, none, other that what he’s saying. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s there and not in the Middle East, which, if true, then he’s undesirable in the Emirates also, banned for life.Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. 

Former Engineering Manager / Surveyor at Carillion company where he says he was working for, know nothing about him. They ordered him to remove this crap from  FB but he didn’t comply.

Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.
Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

Matt Wilkie hasn’t put a single picture of him or his friends and family on the net since he went back. Unusual for this publicity freak and sick narcissistic egomaniac as he is known in the sexpat community. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

His picture above is a screenshot of his latest video, one of his 218 he has on YouTube that no one sees. The number of views published half is mine, the remaining his, just for the counter to work.

In this video, the sicko is giving us a lecture on how to avoid being broke in the Philippines by making a showcase of others’ expats mistakes and failures but not his! Those “others” are still there, in the Philippines” looking for him, threatening his wife, he better not go back!…. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

If you like to hear 14 minutes of delirium, an incoherent scenario assembled 
by a guy in fear and depression that no one is to be blamed for but himself 
only, go and listen it. I will not embed it here. Broke and abandoned, only 
2 others of the same still there offering some support, provided they have 
been banned from the Philippines as well. One is Perry Gamsby that comment 
on his video this: Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.

Interesting to see 2 failures, both bipolar suffering from multiple  mental disorders exchanging views about life in the Philippines. Take a look,

Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke. - Matt Wilkie Philippines
Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. – Matt Wilkie Philippines


Perry Gamsby and Matt Wilkie have been misleading and defrauding the expat community in the Philippines for years. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

From scummy books to “quick divorce scam in the Philippines” setup by Perry Gamsby, to reporting of false claims about his competitors to the Philippines National Police by Matt Wilkie to steal their customers the list is long.Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

Matt Wilkie is a dead man walking. As soon as he comes back, he will be killed. He has mentioned several times that he receives death threats from expats. Take a look below what one of his victims had to say.

Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.
Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

“One day  these guys will get a good dose of something.” Yes, sure, I know what you mean. There are many owe it to them. No surprise, nothing new here. Just a matter of time.
But those who don’t know what the person talking about, here is a hint, I’ll explain more later in another entry. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

 about the couple of criminals Matt Wilkie and Philipp Patrick. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

By his own admission, Matt Wilkie was receiving death threats and lawsuits by many, especially  from  7/24CARE  that with his partner Philipp Patrick tried to destroy. We’ll close this entry by providing a preview of what’s coming up on another blog near you, about a scam that those named above tried to kill a legitimate, honest company and steal their clients Here is the story:

Philipp Patrick, owner of  “a cultural dance center” in the Philippines, a close friend of Matt but unlike him, he had money  when landed in Cebu from the USA. Opened a brothel with a restaurant’s facade, named it The Jungle restaurant, and categorized  it as  “The cultural center” eventually went bankrupt.

He, then, started a two phase image building campaign on the net targeting the low life sexpat community, offering his pimping services, another one  targeting the call centers business  world. Let’s start with the first one. He chose Facebook to show the world he’s available to contribute and be partner on any prostitution plan offered to him. Here is how he did it. Below are excerpts and snapshots from his FB.



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Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.
Philip Patrick.

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

Business Development Manger at Carlisle,


  2. 724 Care
  1. Carillion Alawi L.L.C.,
  3. Patrick’s Construction Company
  1. Montgomery County High School



43 year old, American, Currently Living and Working in The Philippines. Owned and
Operated my own Construction Company in the USA for 20 years. Was very successful,
wanted to work around the world, see different places. Sold my Company and Moved to the Philippines.
Have worked in China, Philippines, Oman, USA. Love working in the Middle East, do not mind the heat. Single now, so I have no ties to hold me back from working.

Love Construction, but not limited to only Construction. Love management. I am a great leader,
can run a project efficiently, and productively. Pride myself on my organizational skills,
time management,
knowledge of how to make a project cost effective, time effective, and labor efficient.
I have never failed at any work i have ever done. I take my job seriously and put 100% into every project.
I do not accept failure in my work.


Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.

Business Development Manger

Cebu, Philippines

Business Development Manager 724 Care

Mandaue, Cebu PhilippinesDevelop Business,
and manager all the operations, of The Call Center..

Carillion Alawi L.L.C.

Carillion Alawi L.L.C.

Worked for PDO / Shell Oil in Oman.
Visited all the interior camps and did asset survey of all camps. Including HVAC,
mapping, building and infrastructure inspection, management. Logged size,
condition, life expectancy. Prepared daily logs and encoded in Excel, and Prepared
Reports for each site to include all our findings. To rate each site as to its inefficiency,
condition, management, changes that should be made, how to become more
productive, waist, labor, and so on…

(Open)1 project
Project Manager / InspectorAMANDINE CORPORATION

Worked all Over the Philippines, doing
Construction Project Management, Training, Inspections, Site Supervisor, Consulting.

Owner / Operator
Patrick’s Construction Company

Carlisle, Kentucky, USAOwned and
Operated very successful Construction Company in USA. Specializing in Commercial Steel
Structures, Industrial, Complete Contracts, Turn Key Jobs. Done jobs valued at up to
20 million USD. Was general contractor for all jobs, start to finish. From design to
bidding, to ground breaking, up to hand over the keys. Worked for US Government,
Airports, Bowling Alleys, High Rise Apartment Complexes, Oil and Gas Storage Facility’s,
Warehouses, Bridges, Roads, Excavation, Development, Design, Permitting, Sub Contacting,



Working In Oman for Shell Oil

Nice Experience, Visited all the interior camps, meet good people. Weather was hot but ok.
All around enjoyed the work.

3 team members
  • Philip Patrick Philip Patrick Business Development Manger at
  • Matt Wilkie Matt Wilkie Engineering Manager and Asset Mobilisation Surveyor at Carillion.
  • Phil GwilliamPhil Gwilliam Implementation Director PDO IFM Contract at Carillion Alawi LLC

Languages  English, Visayan Tagalog


What we see here, is that Philipp Patrick was a “development manager” at 724 Care Inc, stole the list of clients, gave some money to his buddy Matt Wilkie  to help him with the startup of BPO 24 Hours with 724 thinking they got the Jackpot.

The only customer accepted to work with the thieves, was another thieve, someone goes by the net name Shawn Peterson, (Go figure who really is) screwed them up both, 724 Care inc. Survived the coup, Matt Wilkie fled the country looking for work in England, whatever he can find, even as a laborer in the construction sites. But he can’t and blames immigrants going to the UK and stealing the jobs!

Next in few days: How they tried to kill 724 Care inc. An established business in Cebu. Easy! Matt Wilkie sends them the PNP, a plot he’s familiar with. Read here what happened.