Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from John’s Worcester UK speaks of typhoon ordeal (From Worcester News) Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Dear Worcester News, Dear Alicia Kelly. I know how difficult is when up in the morning feeling the pressure “what I’m gonna publish tomorrow” How to keep up the momentum on my blogs and bring some extra readers and advertisers.Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Yeah, I know. You have done a pretty good job, nothing to say, rich and interesting content for a local news blog. Congratulations. However, flaws can happen, bloggers are often solicited and manipulated by other bloggers in search of backlinks, page ranking or image re-making, or simply by readers just for the heck to see their name on a good blog like yours. No exception here.  The evil came to your place and left a stingy spot that better use chlorine to clean up the place. Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK


I’m here today to put the record straight on the liar you hosted on your blog last week. My first question would be: Do you know the guy?  Matt Wilkie? Probably not. I’ll direct you soon to his record, but first I was wondering, how a quality content blog can afford such a mediocre report written by a sexpat living in the Philippines?

Matt Wilkie knows less than you about the typhoon, nothing happened to his area, he hasn’t helped anyone, he’s taking advantage of the situation, like many others in the Philippines low life expat and sexpat community, to once again cover up his crooked business including prostitution and scamming he’s involved.

Matt Wilkie has not contributed in any rescue mission, his FB is made with photos stolen by others, the drama was unfolded far from his place and nothing where he lives. And this photo below? Did not trigger any hint to you about his sanity?  No, he’s not blind. A megalomaniac narcissistic, a loser looking for glory in a third world country, one of the most hated expats in the PH trying to clean up his bad record.Google these words:

Matt Wilkie porn  Matt Wilkie pig, Matt Wilkie Philippines  Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Enjoy your hero