Apr 30

Matt Wilkie Delirium

Matt Wilkie Delirium

Matt Wilkie Delirium

Matt Wilkie Delirium gets worst day after day. The guy has reached the stage where the “voices” are ruining his life and those of his family. He still has some savings from his 20/24 work in Qatar recently living on for the basics. Very soon you will read again he’s “out of the Philippines for expanding the BPO business”, while probably he works as a security guard or a construction laborer somewhere in the Middle East.

Reader, Matt Wilkie Delirium reached the paroxysm, is now out of control, judging from the visitors that come to visit the “star of the BPO business in the Philippines” he’s now the laughing stock in the BPO community in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world.

He realized everyone has laughed enough with this clown, he now publishes his crap and lies on his own forum where he’s the main and only poster. Look what he posted there: M

Matt Wilkie Delirium

Matt Wilkie Delirium

Matt Wilkie DeliriumNo one is reading this forum. Only 3-4 members post something once in a while, no one is interested in his call center because they all know he’s crazy. No one is reading his other blogs either. Matt Wilkie needs money for treatment, but the poor guy is stuck in the Philippines. No money to exit the country with his family, he can’t get them a visa not even to Hong Kong,

The poor thing is up every day early in the morning and update his blogs hoping someone will bump on and hopefully will get clients. They are nowhere to be found! Not even money to feed the smart pigs!

No victims to apply as “agent for training”, a paid services where Matt Wilkie ask young graduates to pay a fee “for learning the job” leading to a placement to his or another “call center”  Excuse me? Did someone say:


Drew Frederick Shobbrook aka Dean Hoban aka Frenzy3

Yes, you guessed it right! That’s the guy Matt Wilkie from Cebu, Philippines meant in his post above. The guy who was raided. He also was in the “BPO”, “Call Centre” “home based business” he also had “trainees” and “book- keeping” business, employees living in 3 apartments paid by him. It was all smoke and mirrors. We, “The other bloggers” knew this long ago, when felt the time was right, we burst the bubble and… Voila! You now know the rest of the story.

Now this: Drew Shobbrook is one of many hiding his porn activities in Cebu behind the kind of business mentioned above. Some are hard to detect, acting under the most strict discretion and the rule of “silence is gold”. This wasn’t the case of Drew or Paul Petrea and Matt Wilkie walks on the same path.

There isn’t any lawful lucrative business here. Matt Wilkie has not even the 1% of the average business guy profile and anyone can notice it. Matt Wilkie is fighting for recognition in the Cebu nightlife criminals where no one trusts him.

He will also make the headlines sooner or later. He will fall. Me and my friends, we guarantee it!…

Matt Wilkie Delirium