Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead

Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead

Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center now dead

Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center now dead.

Pero donde está Matt Wilkie? Well, where else…In the Middle East where thousands – if not millions – Filipinos working hard under unbearable conditions to feed their families back home. Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead

This is not a surprise of course because the project never existed in the first place anyway. It was just Matt Wilkie’s therapy to his  Narcissistic personality disorder . Here is a short excerpt from Wikipedia about the behavior.

Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead
Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead – Matt Wilkie Philippines
Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center now dead

Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center now dead

 A terrible illness, Matt Wilkie and few others of his cohorts have been severely affected  to the detriment of  their family and social environment they live in with Matt spending days and nights putting hundreds  of pictures on his several blogs and  “social ” networks making sure no one will miss “his greats looks” that only he believes he has. Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center now dead Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead
He’s crusading on the internet asking recognition from the international community, to recognize him for what he thinks he is.not who really is, but all he gets is hate mail, insults, laughing, being abandoned by anyone.
The small numbers of yesterday’s friends are now his enemies wishing him the worst for the harm he has done to them, the few new ones, 4 or 5 of them are residents on Evan Iliadis’ wall of shame. He had not other choice but go and flock together with them being the only allies he could find in his war against Evan Iliadis. Not really great warriors lol!!! All on record as undesirable on the first world they are coming from, dump it to the Philippines. Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead
Matt Wilkie’s Narcissism is congenital but apparently, according to his writings has been exasperated by the reject of his closest family, like parents and wife. Below is an excerpt taken from one of his blogs written in 2009. Take a look. Click on the image to enlarge it

Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead. Let’s highlight the phrase below please:

Matt Wilkie said: “To be honest I think if I disappeared I wouldn’t really be missed may sound a bit odd to most, but, me and my family rarely really talk and even less so now as the Philippines has put an even bigger divide.” Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center now dead

Everyone agrees with you, Matt. For once you put the record straight. No one will miss you in the UK, even less in the Philippines!
You have done a lot of harm in the expat community there, not even a thousand anti – Evan blogs can reverse the damages. Because while Evan was at a fierce battle to get rid of a criminal you joined him providing information and support – often inaccurate and false – for the purpose of stealing his forum traffic to yours newly created forum
Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead

Evan knew this from day one, you didn’t worth more than Paul, you were his friend, one of the most active members on his forum. If  Evan knew this from day one many didn’t and joined your forum.
Until they also knew the piece of crap you are and they all gone!.. You are alone with the Americano the sexpat posting once in a while and you, of course, hoping to keep it alive. It won’t happen. This is gone also. Everything you have undertaken in life ended up to be charcoal. A total failure. Don’t blame your family for that. Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead

Back to the BPO business: Several of this kind of business in the Philippines are already under suspicion by the PH low enforcement and NGOs. Operating as the facade of a sex-den and other human trafficking business. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?  Just in case you don’t remember here is another one.
How about yours? You have published entries all over your blogs telling the same story on all, “how great your business is doing” or “how you have saved Miglanilla from starvation thanks to hundreds of jobs you created there” and on and on and on!!! And suddenly nothing! you were writing 5 entries a day on the BPO thing, in addition to those on the anti-Evan sites and suddenly …Dark screen…You left the real world for the dessert again. Being out of 24/24 internet access there may be beneficial to your sick mind, will help you grow up some day. Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead

Meanwhile, sorry to inform you that your parents, ex-wife, and daughter Nicole haven’t been impressed by the lies you tried to sell them. they know you were, you are, and always be, a loser in life, an excluded citizen of the orderly society like all of the above are living, in this society, you didn’t fit in and you blame anyone else for that, except yourself. Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center now dead.

The international community you tried to scam didn’t buy it either. No one will undertake an online business commitment without first google his future partners. We make sure anyone interested find the truth, hundreds have done so around the world, we are glad they did. Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead.

 Reader, I will include for you a few names with links to the very few friends Matt Wilkie think he has today and please have pity and feel sorry for him. He’s still young and may recover some day from the personality disorder he suffers. These guys below are just a sample of what the Philippines inherits from the first world: Losers. 

 Guenther Vomberg aka “stranded shipscook aka “the commander”   Suffering also from extreme narcissism thinking he’s a public figure in the Philippines. Posting all over the web with a worthless NGO commander’s uniform struggling to add value to his irrelevant persona.

Christopher Bennetts aka Chris Bennetts the porn sites author. The cruelest  human trafficker on the net involving minors in the most humiliating scenes only a psychopath would imagine. Evan Iliadis is trying hard to jail him for life. He’s hiding “somewhere in the southeast Asia with frequent visits to the Philippines for business now partnering with Guenther Vomberg. Do you want more about the guy? Just google christopher bennetts porn

Perry Gamsby    A Schizophrenic Australian lived for few years in the Philippines, husband of a Filipino woman managed to win the price as being the biggest defamer of the Philippines, an author of several worthless e-books that not many will buy.

Tim Potter aka USMC retired aka Norseman from Sugarland Texas. A scammer specialized in software infringing trying to sell counterfeited video streaming programs in the forums that don’t work. A close friend of Paul Petrea , married to a chick 30 years younger is looking for money by any means to bring his wife and two Children in the US but can’t even afford the tickets.

Bradley “aka” Brad Hughes.
A mentally retarded Vietnam veteran in his 60’s found a young and beautiful girl in her 20’s. Thrilled? No folks. Like Tim Potter, he’ll find any reason to isolate the girl for fear that the high school sweetheart is still around watching for the right moment to poison him. Let’s honor one more time Brad by posting a new picture with his chick. Brad is now suffering from arthritis and other old fart guy illnesses something make him paranoid.

Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center is now dead
Tribute to a loyal contributor Bradley Hughes CDO Mindanao
This is a unique example of how the sexpat community in Cagayan De Oro-Philippines was harassing Bradley Hughes living within the community. He had to join us, fight with us against this people for his and his family safety and tranquility. We were always here for Brad, if we had to do the same again, we will. Be assured Evan is always here if you need help!
There are a few others Matt Wilkie has signed friendship agreement to fight Evan’s allegations but the problem is he has met no one of them. All he knows about them is what Evan Iliadis revealed in his blogs!

Happy reading