is lying again

is lying again

Matt Wilkie is lying again

is lying again
Matt Wilkie is lying again

Is Lying again.There he goes again! Each airport he stops on his way to the Middle East for his annual duty, working as a security guard, this time in Qatar, the moron thinks that he is inside the country!

All he see is duty-free shops that he can only wonder when he will be able to buy something there and that’s it! Nothing else! Yet, the moron will sit down and write a page article about hoe “great is the country and why everyone should visit it.

He also pretends of visiting London, he put the picture on your left that anyone, even photoshop newbies can see is just passing himself on top of a picture originally shown a  scene of London and Voila! Matt Wilkie is in London! All it takes to be in Los Angeles is just picture himself with a Lakers t-shirt and …Voila again! now he’s in Los Angeles! And so on and so forth!

Liar! Liar! Liar! You haven’t seen London since times immemorial! You are a wanted man in England because like your buddies Paul Petrea Christopher Bennetts Tim Potter and Probably Guenther Vomberg you are not paying child support compensation to the mother of your daughter in England.

 By the way who’s managing the BPO business while you are guarding camels in Qatar Matt? Who’s answering the phone? You guessed it guys!!..The smart pigs of course!! 

“Normally I am working in the region and will drop by seeing the odd sights of the city while traveling through or heading to an office. Not actually getting time to take in the London that tourists get”.

Question to this liar:

What is the region you are working? Tell us please!.

no?  I’ll tell you for you. Folks, he’s a poor loser made in England, he missed the train in the first world and now he tries to catch one in the third world as a mean of survival doing odd jobs here and there. Nothing new, a typical sexpat living in the Philippines without fixed income as many expats have coming in from abroad as a retirement or revenue from investments they may have. He spends a few months in the middle east working as a security guard, the rest of the time he raises smart pigs in a remote area near Cebu Philippines.

“But a trip into London for a passport renewal led to being able to stop for a weekend. Because it was a weekend emergency renewal I had most of the weekend to visit London while it was processed”.

Bullshit Liar! Why you have to go to London to renew your passport? Every foreigner living in the Philippines can renew his in the Consulate of his country, including British citizens. Why the UK Consulate sent you to London for renewal? Because of the criminal record you have there? You had some explaining to do? Probably YES!..

Folks, Lambast the liar, lambast the schizophrenic, keep your wallet close to you, all he does is building a good standing man image for better to screw you, like others on his entourage have done before