BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

Innovation,Innovation, InnovationMatt Wilkie’s BPO 24hour surprised us again! A whole new concept, new technology, new faces! Let Matt tell the story in person: BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers. remove accents of call center agents by using advanced technology.Instead of hearing a call center agent that is struggling with making their voice sound American, British or other nationality. You receive the calls from someone who sounds local because their voice is local! BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers. 

The technology is based on a storyboard styled dialing system where pre-recorded messages are prepped with a live agent having every response needed. As most call center campaigns are scripted it not only means that the questions are repetitive but also the customers’ responses are as well. This allows this technology to work extremely well and has been tried and tested for several years already. BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers. 

We currently have our own in-house system that is available for lease including trained agents. To discuss this in more detail please get in touch.

And how about us Smart Pigs? Remember?

“Astonishing! Talented Matt Wilkie! How could anyone resist on this? Living close to your pigs paid off! Finally! I imagine the nights you spent sleeping with them, talking to them, your wife played her role as well, by stopping by and talking to the pigs every other hour!!! Congratulations! BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers. 

BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.
BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

I heard the signing of the contract with the PNP and other Philippines government security agencies will be a public event broadcasted all over the world from the PH Presidential Palace where President Aquino will invest you with a special award tailored just for you in line with your profile shown on the picture with the pigs…We will cover this live when it happens….”  

Remember that?

 Now you junked us in favor of robots that speak better English!… Evan Iliadis doesn’t speak good English also but he managed to promote your business all over he world making you the number one laughing stock on the net…

OK Boss. Whatever you decide. Have a nice day in Qatar or Oman where ever you flock right now  and don’t worry, Evan will take care of you…

By the way congratulations on your new picture on FB below. Very nice. I see you with some Pakistanis security guards and oil field laborers. Is any one of them Shawn Peterson? 

BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.
BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

And if you don’t mind, may we ask why your working cloths are made of orange-red color? You give us the impression that you do some training in anticipation to join the famous dancers of Cebu.  

To which the gossipers around saying that is your next step  for finding cheap agents for the BPO 24hour  center. God bless you Boss, God bless Evan,  God bless us the pigs, we hope you have enough money to post bail once within the orange color dressing clothes community. BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.