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BPO 24 Hour Services

BPO 24 Hour Services

BPO 24 Hour Services

BPO 24 Hour Services.

Matt Wilkie Philippines, Matt Wilkie the liar is out of control. Apparently, the company he works as a security guard in the Middle East did not renew his contract pour Qatar and now running out of money he’s drafting scams.

No folks, Matt Wilkie the crook has never worked in a call center, when out of work in the Middle east he was raising smart pigs and selling cell phone loads to locals. Listen to those who know Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals, he is a mythomaniac, a loser that has done nothing serious in his life, a vagabond that hasn’t seen anything out of London and a portion of the Philippines, when works in Oman he’s isolated working 20/24 hours a day so he can earn a good salary and be “rich” when he comes to the Philippines.
He can even afford to bring his wife to the restaurant! Being a guy with full of inferiority complexes, exiled himself in his 30’s to a third world country with a population exodus by thousands every day trying to rich other countries for a better future, he thought will make a fortune.

Abandoned by the expat community living in the PH for unethical conduct he’s now cooperating with a notorious criminal, a wanted man, an Australian going by the name of Christopher  AKA Chris Bennetts hoping to be connected by him to the “advanced” stage of the porn business online. What is “advanced stage”? It’s when the competition online comes to be saturated with “traditional erotism” that everyone watched once in his life, the criminals will just introduce barbarism and cruelty hoping to attract psychopaths mentally and sexually disturbed as the author is.

There are many stories about him on the internet, a known scumbag in the expat, sexpat and local community in the Philippines. His “specialty” is snitching anyone to the Philippines National Police in Cebu in exchange for indulgence on his crooked business. He has more than once reported innocent people to the PNP because of lack of real criminals to report! 

People of the Philippines living nearby in Cebu don’t believe this criminal and his associates. All he does, together with Tim Potter and Guenther Vomberg is fueling Chris Bennetts’ human trafficking business in the Philippines.