Apr 14

BPO 24 Hour – Matt Wilkie Philippines

BPO 24 Hour – Matt Wilkie Philippines

BPO 24 Hour – Matt Wilkie Philippines

BPO 24 Hour - Matt Wilkie Philippines

BPO 24 Hour – Matt Wilkie Philippines

BPO 24 Hour – Matt Wilkie Philippines. Please, greet my partners below with a visit to the sites erected to their honorTask based virtual assistants $30 for 15 tasks a month (each task being a maximum of 30 minutes each).We have decided to expand out a bit more with our virtual assistant services after realizing there are many tasks people want but not really sure what on a daily basis.

 For example, your satellite TV signal is faulty but you don’t want to spend 20 minutes on the phone reporting the fault. You call, Skype or email your information and we call the company on your behalf. Its these sort of tedious tasks that everyone hates doing and now its something we can do for you.But also things like booking your doctor appointment, restaurant bookings, organizing catering quotes for a party. Online research in fact if it can be done in less than 20 – 30 minutes remotely we can pretty much do it for you.

But it doesn’t stop there are things like updating your social networking accounts for your business or dealing with the email replies for inquiries these can also be handled in the same service. But remember its not just for business! Need to find a plumber for an emergency leak? A quick call to us and we will deal with the task.The concept is based on the virtual assistant dealing with the tasks that take up your time that you really don’t want to do or in fact, would rather someone did instead. Can also be a bit of a luxury service as a quick message to us you can pretty much forget about it knowing it will be dealt with.

Which gets me to another service where we can call you back if you need. E.g. in a location with no wake-up call or you know you’re going to struggle to wake up in the morning, we can call you until you answer the phone. In the same way, we can give you that “important message” that gets you out of a meeting you don’t want to be in or a reason to leave a dinner party early.We can also look to develop a planner for you which although isn’t part of the 15 items to do (unless you request it) its a very useful tool to be aware of things like car insurance renewal, birthdays, etc. etc.We can pretty much take any task off your hands that you need doing and on a monthly subscription you know we are just a call or email away.


Hello Matt, Melinda from Australia here, how are you today? I might have business for you! I hope you are not overwhelmed with such an aggressive campaign your undertaking recently, I hope will have a chance to enjoy your valuable services.
Anyway, I have a customer, professional customer living and enjoy life in the Cote d’Azur, has a bunch of blogs to update, has no time for that Blah blah blah. Sounds familiar? The typical customer as you mentioned above. Take a look at his sites and give me your best estimate. Philippines, prices, please! No kano OK? Here come the sites: