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BPO 24 hour lie gets bad.

BPO 24 hour lie gets bad.

BPO 24 hour lie gets bad.

BPO 24 hour lie gets bad.

BPO 24 hour lie getting bad.

BPO 24 hour lie gets bad.

April 6, 2013

By Matt Wilkie

I hope you reader are not stupid to believe what you see. Matt Wilkie has  added this picture to his BPO sites to make it look like a call centre. These are girls living in his neighborhood. He brought them to his house for the picture. Supposedly are trained to become “Telemarketing agents”.

All they will accomplish is to be GRO (Guest relation officer) in a bikini bar in Cebu where Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines knows the”milieu” very well. He also knows drew shobbrook-aka-dean-hoban-aka-frenzy3

  Folks believe it! He needs treatment! Is now Urgent!

 Stay away! All these girls will end up in a bar in Cebu where Matt Wilkie has his porn connections. The “BPO 24 hour services is nothing but a facade like there are plenty in Cebu where the Police is dismantling them one after the other.

Readers, if the BPO Business is “booming” in the Philippines not all call centers are equal. Some serve as the facade of other crooked business, prostitution and human trafficking of course, they are hiring girls as ” bookkeepers”  or “telemarketers” they pay them “commission on sales” … Yeah? Really?  Drew Shobbrook had them on fix salary of 10 000pesos a month!!!! So generous the guy!!!!But Matt Wilkie can’t afford it. The rule is “sell now pay later” Sell what? Peanuts? You get it girls? You better sell something! Anything!
I know you are in Minglanilla and there is no much to sell there. But don’t worry.Matt will find something for you.
He has connections! He knows every single pimp in Cebu, he’s a member on many “specialized” Forums he will personally vouch for you. He’s also a good friend of an other cyber star living in Cebu. He also has openings on a very special  call center. His name is Christopher Bennetts and his associates is Guenther Vomeberg. 
He also knows somebody else in Cebu who can introduce you to many low life and scammers. He will teach you the trade better than Matt Wilkie making you an international class cyber star   His name is Tim Potter from Sugarland TX. He lives (and will die)  in Cebu Philippines. He might also introduce you to an ole fart thrice your age and you may accept the offer counting on his promise that he will bring you to America. It ain’t  gonna happen…

You will stay in Cebu for the rest of your life facing the mockery of Filipinos when walking the streets in Cebu feeling the shame for being the chick of an old man.So before you move to Matt Wilkie’s house “for training” I think you should take a look in the links below.MATT-WILKIE-IN-THE-PHILIPPINES-PROSTITUTION-RINGBPO-24 Hour-Services.http://tropicalpenpals-blog.com/Matt-Wilkie-Mails-To-Evan-IliadisYou’ll see how bad for your health is to work for “a call center” like this.

 BPO 24 hour lie gets bad.