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Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. 

Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

Yes, absolutely! Readers, Many of you are looking for Matt Wilkie in the Philippines because at some point he has defrauded you, ruined, (or tried to) your life by reporting you to the Philippines National Police in Cebu with fake accusations. You’re in the right place. Here is the latest.

Matt Wilkie fled the Philippines sometime in February to escape prosecution and vengeance from expats and locals he has abused over the years, leaving his family in the Philippines to suffer the consequences.

He said he landed in England, but we are not sure. Make no mistake, if true, this liar – egomaniac will show it in the biggest way possible. Not a single evidence that he’s there, none, other that what he’s saying. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s there and not in the Middle East, which, if true, then he’s undesirable in the Emirates also, banned for life.Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. 

Former Engineering Manager / Surveyor at Carillion company where he says he was working for, know nothing about him. They ordered him to remove this crap from  FB but he didn’t comply.

Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

Matt Wilkie hasn’t put a single picture of him or his friends and family on the net since he went back. Unusual for this publicity freak and sick narcissistic egomaniac as he is known in the sexpat community. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

His picture above is a screenshot of his latest video, one of his 218 he has on YouTube that no one sees. The number of views published half is mine, the remaining his, just for the counter to work.

In this video, the sicko is giving us a lecture on how to avoid being broke in the Philippines by making a showcase of others’ expats mistakes and failures but not his! Those “others” are still there, in the Philippines” looking for him, threatening his wife, he better not go back!…. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

If you like to hear 14 minutes of delirium, an incoherent scenario assembled 
by a guy in fear and depression that no one is to be blamed for but himself 
only, go and listen it. I will not embed it here. Broke and abandoned, only 
2 others of the same still there offering some support, provided they have 
been banned from the Philippines as well. One is Perry Gamsby that comment 
on his video this: Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.

Interesting to see 2 failures, both bipolar suffering from multiple  mental disorders exchanging views about life in the Philippines. Take a look,

Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke. - Matt Wilkie Philippines

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. – Matt Wilkie Philippines


Perry Gamsby and Matt Wilkie have been misleading and defrauding the expat community in the Philippines for years. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

From scummy books to “quick divorce scam in the Philippines” setup by Perry Gamsby, to reporting of false claims about his competitors to the Philippines National Police by Matt Wilkie to steal their customers the list is long.Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

Matt Wilkie is a dead man walking. As soon as he comes back, he will be killed. He has mentioned several times that he receives death threats from expats. Take a look below what one of his victims had to say.

Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

“One day  these guys will get a good dose of something.” Yes, sure, I know what you mean. There are many owe it to them. No surprise, nothing new here. Just a matter of time.
But those who don’t know what the person talking about, here is a hint, I’ll explain more later in another entry. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

 about the couple of criminals Matt Wilkie and Philipp Patrick. Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

By his own admission, Matt Wilkie was receiving death threats and lawsuits by many, especially  from  7/24CARE  that with his partner Philipp Patrick tried to destroy. We’ll close this entry by providing a preview of what’s coming up on another blog near you, about a scam that those named above tried to kill a legitimate, honest company and steal their clients Here is the story:

Philipp Patrick, owner of  “a cultural dance center” in the Philippines, a close friend of Matt but unlike him, he had money  when landed in Cebu from the USA. Opened a brothel with a restaurant’s facade, named it The Jungle restaurant, and categorized  it as  “The cultural center” eventually went bankrupt.

He, then, started a two phase image building campaign on the net targeting the low life sexpat community, offering his pimping services, another one  targeting the call centers business  world. Let’s start with the first one. He chose Facebook to show the world he’s available to contribute and be partner on any prostitution plan offered to him. Here is how he did it. Below are excerpts and snapshots from his FB.



Digital Marketing Suite – Media optimisation, Attribution & AudienceAnalytics.Offices in Paris.|Read More »

Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.
Philip Patrick.

Matt Wilkie – Philippines expat being broke.

Business Development Manger at Carlisle,


  2. 724 Care
  1. Carillion Alawi L.L.C.,
  3. Patrick’s Construction Company
  1. Montgomery County High School



43 year old, American, Currently Living and Working in The Philippines. Owned and
Operated my own Construction Company in the USA for 20 years. Was very successful,
wanted to work around the world, see different places. Sold my Company and Moved to the Philippines.
Have worked in China, Philippines, Oman, USA. Love working in the Middle East, do not mind the heat. Single now, so I have no ties to hold me back from working.

Love Construction, but not limited to only Construction. Love management. I am a great leader,
can run a project efficiently, and productively. Pride myself on my organizational skills,
time management,
knowledge of how to make a project cost effective, time effective, and labor efficient.
I have never failed at any work i have ever done. I take my job seriously and put 100% into every project.
I do not accept failure in my work.


Matt Wilkie - Philippines expat being broke.

Business Development Manger

Cebu, Philippines

Business Development Manager 724 Care

Mandaue, Cebu PhilippinesDevelop Business,
and manager all the operations, of The Call Center..

Carillion Alawi L.L.C.

Carillion Alawi L.L.C.

Worked for PDO / Shell Oil in Oman.
Visited all the interior camps and did asset survey of all camps. Including HVAC,
mapping, building and infrastructure inspection, management. Logged size,
condition, life expectancy. Prepared daily logs and encoded in Excel, and Prepared
Reports for each site to include all our findings. To rate each site as to its inefficiency,
condition, management, changes that should be made, how to become more
productive, waist, labor, and so on…

(Open)1 project
Project Manager / InspectorAMANDINE CORPORATION

Worked all Over the Philippines, doing
Construction Project Management, Training, Inspections, Site Supervisor, Consulting.

Owner / Operator
Patrick’s Construction Company

Carlisle, Kentucky, USAOwned and
Operated very successful Construction Company in USA. Specializing in Commercial Steel
Structures, Industrial, Complete Contracts, Turn Key Jobs. Done jobs valued at up to
20 million USD. Was general contractor for all jobs, start to finish. From design to
bidding, to ground breaking, up to hand over the keys. Worked for US Government,
Airports, Bowling Alleys, High Rise Apartment Complexes, Oil and Gas Storage Facility’s,
Warehouses, Bridges, Roads, Excavation, Development, Design, Permitting, Sub Contacting,



Working In Oman for Shell Oil

Nice Experience, Visited all the interior camps, meet good people. Weather was hot but ok.
All around enjoyed the work.

3 team members
  • Philip Patrick Philip Patrick Business Development Manger at
  • Matt Wilkie Matt Wilkie Engineering Manager and Asset Mobilisation Surveyor at Carillion.
  • Phil GwilliamPhil Gwilliam Implementation Director PDO IFM Contract at Carillion Alawi LLC

Languages  English, Visayan Tagalog


What we see here, is that Philipp Patrick was a “development manager” at 724 Care Inc, stole the list of clients, gave some money to his buddy Matt Wilkie  to help him with the startup of BPO 24 Hours with 724 thinking they got the Jackpot.

The only customer accepted to work with the thieves, was another thieve, someone goes by the net name Shawn Peterson, (Go figure who really is) screwed them up both, 724 Care inc. Survived the coup, Matt Wilkie fled the country looking for work in England, whatever he can find, even as a laborer in the construction sites. But he can’t and blames immigrants going to the UK and stealing the jobs!

Next in few days: How they tried to kill 724 Care inc. An established business in Cebu. Easy! Matt Wilkie sends them the PNP, a plot he’s familiar with. Read here what happened.   

Jan 14 delirium delirium

Reader, the writers of this blog are not here to sell you anything or direct you to a site to buy something. All we do here is protecting foreigners living (or planning to) in the Philippines 

Matt Wilkie like others miserable sexpats is trapped in the Philippines at his 40s with wife and children, with no income coming from abroad, can’t bring his family to the UK where he’s originated not able to provide the minimum requirements imposed by the British government, an annual income of about 20K Euros. 

But he talks in his blogs about £150K a year! Reader, please read what he said below, then take a look on the links at the end. 
You owe it to yourself not to be a victim of Matt Wilkie and his band of the same sexpats living in the Philippines. 

Matt Wilkie said: 
“This focus on what your doing actually improves your efficiency and the way you work but also overlaps into your everyday life. If you follow it you’re going to see some positive changes that are quick to see the impact on improvements. The main thing is keeping these objectives listed and making sure you do it with all things you’re doing.”

Reader, You got it? Me neither”

“Decide what you want in life and work – First focus especially now in a new year is sitting down and deciding what you want to do for 2014. This isn’t just about your work life but also home life.

Think on paper.- Transfer all your goals and thoughts onto paper and not just in your mind. This reinforces the fact these things are real and achievable. You can see your goals right in front of you.”

“Set a deadline for goal.- To achieve a goal it needs a target and as such you need to create a timescale for each objective you have created. This stops you putting it off  for the next year.

Make a list of everything you want to do to complete your task. – Now you have a full list which is the most important and how you can achieve your goals, this may be a sequence of events e.g. your final destination for 2014 maybe a new car and a new job. So the stepping stones may be “upgrade qualifications, apply for more senior job” as the first step leading on to a free company car and promotion.” 

Reader, You’re still here? Kepp reading Matt’s crap, almost done. 

“Organize list into a plan of importance. – Decide what you want to achieve this year and what is the most important out of everything. These should be the end focus and using the “stepping stones” you should put them in order so that you can reach your end goal.

Take action immediately to force instant progress. – Action starts now, not later today or tomorrow. Starting now enforces the fact this is possible and you’re going to do it whatever it takes. Immediate action is going to start the wheels in motion.

Resolve something every day that moves you towards your goal. – A lot of the time it may appear a large task is impossible to reach. But like the small ants any mountain is moveable if enough effort is put in by enough people. You may not have the people but you can do it in bite size chunks by achieving something every day that gets you in the direction you want to head.”

Almost done guys! 

 Although the same chain of thought and way of working will work for anything you do. E.g. sitting in your office chair you have a set number of tasks you need to do today you can also use it as goals for the year, month, week. Because it’s re-organising your life and work structure that will help advance your career and give you more time for family.

For the goals for what you want to achieve in 2014 start by only doing 10 goals you want to achieve this year. Then use the information above to create your list for 2014.

Rephrase words from “I have to” do more positive things like “I am” an example of this is :-

I have to increase my salary to £150,000 by the end of 2014. I am earning £150,000 before the end of 2014.

There you go, people! You’re in good hands! 150,000 British pounds a year. And he did it! Watch the video below what he said from Spain. 

It reinforces action over possibilities, the less hesitance in life and the more focus on achieving the more likely its going to become possible to do. How does your list look? Did you set them in priorities? Did you use stepping stones where needed?

This should be what you focus on daily to achieve the end goals you want in life and this year.”


 About Matt Wilkie

Folks believe it! He needs treatment! It’s now Urgent!

Matt Wilkie the snitch

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals

Matt-Wilkie 24 hour call center now dead

These are only a few examples, you can also Google using the following words:

-Matt Wilkie Prostitution-Matt Wilkie Philippines porn-Matt Wilkie the crook-Matt Wilkie the liar 

Oct 05

Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help!

Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help!

Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help!

Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help! – Matt Wilkie Hello from Spain and the Philippines!

Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help!

Matt  Wilkie said: Posted as is, unedited. 

“BPO 24 Hour Services was a business built from small acorns. Initially, a business developed from contract support for data administration and processing. This flourished from a staff of 2 and working from a small office to a staff of 40 and purchasing a second building as well as building a main management office.”

Is anyone understand what he’s talking about? 

“Primarily working to support asset management and asset data collection the business has adapted and added marketing and virtual assistant services to its portfolio. Annually continuing to develop and grow as a business that is not seen as an outsource company but an additional asset and partner to any client.

Our founder Matt Wilkie past the helm of the business over to his wife April Wilkie who has developed the business based on the foundations originally set down. Functionality and productivity are the key goals and motivation of the business.” Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help!

Talk to our horses, they know better

Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help!

Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help! – Matt Wilkie Hello from Spain and the Philippines!

Matt Wilkie is currently working in the United Kingdom but in constant contact with the Philippines office. Matt Wilkie operates internationally within a corporate environment for Facilities and asset management with such clients as Royal Bank of Scotland, Shell Oil, AxA insurance, Siemens, UK Ministry of Defense, UK Prison Service and other high profile contracts.

Although BPO 24 Hour is not party to direct involvement with Matt Wilkie’s contracts he still remains a strong mentor and assisting in the development of the business.


PS. The requested page can no longer be found on Mr Matt Wilkie Site.The message you get is:.

“An error has occurred while processing your request. You may not be able to visit this page because of: an out-of-date bookmark/favorite ormistyped address  Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help!

a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site you have no access to this page. None of the above! Matt Wilkie Philippines. God please help!


Matt Wilkie hired Evan Iliadis as his biographer and promoter of his BPO and other business to help him expanding throughout the globe

Please  follow us on youTube for more 




Oct 05

Evan Iliadis-Tropical Penpals new building.

Evan Iliadis-Tropical Penpals new building.

Evan Iliadis-Tropical Penpals new building.

Evan Iliadis-Tropical Penpals new building.

Evan Iliadis-Tropical Penpals new building. – Matt Wilkie Hello from Spain and the Philippines!

What Building? He hasn’t named it, I’ll do it for you. Matt Wilkie mentioned on several of his blogs that his BPO business is booming and looking to accommodate 400 new agents he’s hiring, in addition to 2 000 he already employs. So he needs space. He found it? Personally here is what I know: Evan Iliadis-Tropical Penpals new building. 

  • When Matt Wilkie came to the Philippines, all the fortune he had was a few thousand Pounds gathered from the sale of a few items he owned including a used car.We all know he survived as being involved in crooked business with some low life expats and sexpats in Cebu but not really on the top spots, but as an “also starring” and as needed.
  • Reading his blogs and comments on the forums anyone was questioning his mental state, therefore reluctant to trust him “for serious business” The final blow came when  Evan Iliadis told the world the parasite the Philippines has offered shelter, that was it!
  • He was left only with 5 friends all of them on my wall of shame, almost all of them on his hit list before now had to capitulate to the humiliation of signing a partnership with them to fight Evan Iliadis allegations. Guenther Vomberg the sexpat  Christopher Bennetts the psychopath pornographer   Tim Potter the scammer   Perry Gamsby the schizophrenic and of course the mentally retarded Brad Hugues .
  • Anybody else, including his UK family, has written him off l since long time ago. The picture above is one that Matt Wilkie posted on his FB  about “an outing” with his “guys”. It was on the BPO 24 hour site, one of about 100 he has there and on Twitter very few on his name and activities, mostly hidden porn sites,  fake, under others, impersonating peoples’ names.
  • Click on and read more.

Oct 22

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Life and travels? Where and when? The biggest mytho-man ever! It wouldn’t be a problem for anyone else if this wasn’t  mixed with other malicious intentions on his part, dishonesty, disregard to his friends, family, and others. Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

His family and friends should have done more to prevent further harm, especially to his wife and handicapped child. His lies and deceits go beyond imagination, beyond what the Philippines have seen so far in the expat and sexpat communityMatt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

He promised to his family in the Philippines that he’s going to prepare the way for them to migrate to the UK. He was telling them and his friends he travels all over the UK portraying himself as “Asset surveyor manager” whatever that means,  while in reality, he was working as a security guard and office cleaning agent with a “zero hour” contract at carillion UK.

Following him on Facebook and his blogs, we all unanimously agree, the guy is a real troll, not only acting under severe mental deficiencies that only hurts himself but, again, the malice is hiding behind this mythomaniac caused a harm to many innocent people and his own family. Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies. 

Here is  what he wrote in his latest entry a few days ago:

“Many times I have had people extremely critical on things I get upto but at the same time they would never pat you on the back and say well done after you achieve a goal. In the same way I…” Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

But anyone wonders: When was the last time he achieved a goal? 

His life. A bunch of failures that in his 40s gets as worse as it can get, no time for correction. Not able to secure the minimum income required by British law to qualify his Philippines family for a visa to the UK. In the meanwhile, he plays it the big reporter, “director of Tropical Penpals” Photographer, investigator, pages and page of bull crap, day and night on Facebook writing sh…t, that besides Christopher Bennetts only this moron French guy is reading but sheldomly replying. Even worst, his main daily exercise is denigrating Evan Iliadis, the one who made him a celebrity in the Philippines and around the world!

C’mon Matt.. A bit of gratitude buddy….

The latest from his FB confirm the need of being a pathological liar, the need to satisfy himself  that has done his daily exercise as directed by his desire to be somebody else, being scared to death to look at the mirror and see the real Matt Wilkie   

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies. – Matt Wilkie Philippines



Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

He never had a Mercedes, he was never in the position of owning a Porsche. ONLY IN HIS DREAMS, during the conversations with the “voices” 

Here is the Mercedes. He found one parked on the street, put himself next, click! And Voila! He owns the Mercedes!…
That’s all we have seen of the Mercedes. Besides, in Europe, you can have one for 1,000 pounds. No one buys them, too much gas, hard to park in town. 

What’s the point of telling us this? Who cares what he drives? Family and friends reading this run to blogs like this one, to read the truth, understand what is going on with this super narcissistic guy that spend, day in, night out on the computer spreading lies about him, unnecessary in the first analysis, but hiding other (malicious) intentions.  

He could have a good income if he makes available himself in the research industry, like pharmaceuticals and psychiatry, where desperately need a showcase of the kind. In fact is not easy to find it, they have seen it already, but not as intense as this one. What they are most interested, is the high degree of denial, he has lived his illness for years now, with no a minimum of admission to his condition.

Researchers will be curious to explore his mind and figure out a treatment, medical or psychological. For Matt Wilkie will also be beneficial besides making money during the study, he might be cured of this grave and complex illness he suffers. 

Then, he comes with another lie. About his travels. 

In this one, he tells us how great of a world traveled he is.  of YouTube clips, FB and blog entries, coming from someone who all he has seen, is part of the UK, Cebu and Manila in the Philippines, Oman, the airport and a few camels, same for Qatar where he was working as a security guard. His last travel took him an all night dream and conversation with the voices to set it up, was in Spain. Again, Youtube clips, blogs, at least 20 entries, Facebook and more.


Take a look at some excerpts of his blog.  

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

 On the right picture you see him at the airport at 5 AM but he never got on board! It’s just for the “pitchure”! Then, he posted about a hundred of pics about Spain, but not a single one where we can see him he actually was in Spain. He said, he stayed 2 days. He figured the country in just that? He put 25 YouTube entries, 30 comments on FB and 30 entries on his blogs! Laugh baby, laugh!.. A comic, tragical situation, especially his family and friends are reading all that….. A sad situation…Rally sad.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

He hasn’t achieved anything. Back to the zero status, eventually will leave for the Middle East again working his usual job, a security guard that is, but he will tell us that he’s setting up a network project for the government of Qatar. Enough lies! Almost!

Because he came out with more lies, more imaginary travels as directed by the voices every schizophrenic depends upon. This time is BIG!

He was in Paris France for one night to pickup his family in the airport and left for Spain right the way driving. He almost wrote a book the moron!! Like he lived in the country all his life!!  Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

The voices ordered him to write that his wife and children were with him in Paris France!, Yes friends! Matt was in Paris! But at the same time, he was in Calais-France, in Singapour, in China, arrived in Manila, picked up his wife and children and there he’s in Paris!!. 

Look at the pictures below. All fake, edited, borrowed from others, wasting his time writing blogs and lies no one is reading other than Evan Iliadis, that unlike Matt Wilkie, has plenty of time to warn the community to stay away of this dangerous scammer that sick mind spending the day and night on the computer for therapeutic reasons, now involves wife and children in his lies. 


Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies. – Matt Wilkie Philippines

The picture he said he took with his own camera is all over the net.


Before this moron can secure a visa for his wife and children, he needs to show to the UK welfare services that he can show is capable of assuming the basic needs for himself. He can’t even pay a rent in the most infamous area of Worcester, not even a 20 sq. meters loft. Europe doesn’t want this liar, this cheater, a burden to the taxpayers. It’s all lies and deceits, inexplicable to his friends, no one can understand the gravity and the degree of his illness, schizophrenia “stage 5 “

Stay tuned, more lies from Matt Wilkie on the way. Sorry for his friends and family. I know how much you are suffering to see this father, son, brother in this state of mind. But we need to protect the community.

Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies. We haven’t read them all yet.  

Apr 27

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK (Worcestershire) had another crisis of delirium

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK in times critical to his survival in the UK, where he fled in emergency, before the expat community in the Philippines “takes care of him” because of the harm he has done to them, and instead of spending time on Evan Iliadis, who all he did was disclosing his ill behavior it would be better looking to find a job to feed his starving family he left behind in the Philippines, instead he went on YouTube and posted this: 

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK – Matt Wilkie Philippines

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK life of lies and failures.

At his 40s, managed to escape the Philippines, where he migrated and lived for nearly 7 years. For 7 years he fooled his family, friends and the world that he “had  made it in a country anyone else failed” spreading lies and deceits not even retards would give a dime. But once a member in the club of crooks in the Philippines, there will always be a victim on your way to steal his money, Matt Wilkie had his hey days also in this department, but in a very cruel and unusual way.  Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Folks, no one know better than Evan Iliadis  the dark side of this delusional guy, so dangerous to those living close, unpredictable, heavily medicated with psychotropic pills known as having dangerous side effects. His mythomanic behavior and out of reality lifestyle pushed his delirium to the extreme, going as far as convincing his wife to believe that she lives in Worcester UK, while she struggles to survive in Minglanilla as an abandoned mother of two, one with autistic disorders. Here is his wife’s, April Wilkie FB page.


Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK – Matt Wilkie Philippines



Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK - Matt Wilkie Philippines

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK – Matt Wilkie Philippines


A few days ago he came up with another video as ordered by “the voices” in the middle of the night. Someone told him, that passports for his family are about to be printed for all of them, wife and children, are moving to Germany, or Spain, or Greece, “where ever he can find a driver’s job, or invest in a business tax-free, or buy a house with a pool much much cheaper than in the UK! It varies depending on the day and dose, or type of medication he consumed.

Noticed? He has 272 videos on YouTube.   Reader, if it happened you’re aresearcher, a student in medicine, or need to present a these for your grades relating to psychos you’re on the right blog.  

You don’t need to hear all of his videos, a few will do it, I doubt you’ll go all the way to the end, the first 2 minutes of the clip will already show the color.

There aren’t any passports, Matt Wilkie abandoned his family in the Philippines as expected by an asshole, spending the money earned from monkey business he had there, until the people he screw  were looking for revenge, forcing him to leave the country

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK needs our help.

You, family and friends living around him in the UK you can’t stay indifferent to his problem. You owe it to yourself, you must fly to his rescue. You have all contributed to his failure by not pushing the alarm button when it was due, instead, you let go all his lies reading on his blogs and FB pretend you were believing them.

You did not advise him to stay away and don’t get involved with Evan Iliadis’ crusades on criminals and pimps living in the Philippines. Instead, he chose to format alliances with them thinking they can censure Evan. Big miscalculation. Evan has been a warrior all his life, a little liar and schizophrenic like Matt care no weight on how Evan will plan his battles, neither will change his motivations. The coalition tried and failed.

All he achieved, is giving material of appreciation to prospective employers and partners. No one is hired today without Google’s opinion. Here is what he’d say on him. 

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK – Matt Wilkie Philippines


You know what, Matt? Better they aren’t clicking on your videos! If reading others’ blogs there was a slim chance them overcome their doubts, listening your clips they got the confirmation they needed. You’re out buddy! Not even a laborer’s work!

Which brings us to the following video below where you blame the UK Immigration for your trouble. That’s the reason you want to go to the countries you mentioned? Well, Matt, I think you didn’t get it. No one wants losers in their country, even the one you’re citizen of. 

For years, you kept going on blaming one of the richest countries in the world for refusing to assume your family responsibilities. At 40’s you aren’t capable of securing the minimum income required for obtaining visas for your family, even as low it is. You’re lying by saying:

“Yeah! I have a good job, make a lot of money, but I can’t prove it! No records, no bank statements!”

Yeah? You have a job? What this job is? When you work in?  You’re on FB, playing with your camera, making worthless videos and blogs all day long, updating. Everything except working!  And you want your government to assume responsibility for your family… Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Evan Iliadis in Matt’s Wilkie life.  Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

The last thing anyone was expecting now tough days Matt Wilkie’s going thru, was to be on the net again talking about Evan Iliadis, defying what anyone told him: Not to. Evan is 66, not looking for work, no one will Google him for any reason, other than to see what the coalition of his criminal friends wrote about him. Industrial size trashes.

But how and why Matt Wilkie ended up on Evan’s wall of shame?

In this video, Matt Wilkie said “He doesn’t care what Evan says, downplayed his blogs on him, he doesn’t care. So, why waste his time to publish a video on Evan?

This is another lie friends. Matt Wilkie does care what Evan is writing about him. Because he’s stack with the coalition, he thought if he joins them against Evan they will help him by giving him a small share of their crooked business as follows:

Christopher “Chris” Bennetts promised him the teaching of how to become a successful pimp, even though he failed of becoming one, that’s why he chose the low end of porn sites to survive, where only psychopaths and sexually disturbed will put their credit card to watch them.

Perry Gamsby, a known figure in Cebu, Philippines nightlife a few years ago, went bankrupt, like Matt, back to Australia with a wife AND 5 kids, not even half are his, milking the generous Australian welfare system. Click on his name a read the story.

Tim Potter, also known as USMC  A crook soliciting expats in the forums to sell them pirated, obsolete software, was working with Matt Wilkie to market “the product” in Cebu. Tim left Cebu broke, he’s now in Sugarland, TX with wife and 2 kids. He’s 50+ wife 20+. Who knows where the wife is? I guess she dumped him as soon as she got her papers. A usual mail bride story!!

Guenther Vomberg.  Also known as “The Commander. The mother of all narcissists expats living in Cebu Philippines. Without the uniform that fooling the globe he’s a Commander of the Philippines Navy, will commit suicide. He goes all over the forums selling influence “and “favors” to expats. Thousands of posts in the forums, habile  and clever in selling bridges, he tried hard to derail my campaign against a psychopath owner of the, his name is Paul Petrea  Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Friends and family of Matt Wilkie Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Your son, brother, cousin, friend, gone from the Philippines but not forgotten. No one will miss him. Recently wrote in one of his blogs this:

Leaving the Philippines but like McArthur I shall return!

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“The age in which we live today is far more opinionated than it once was. I am not sure if this is the rise of Celebrity nonsense shows like X – Factor where there “has to be” an opinion or something deeper.

But the fact is I have left the Philippines at least for now and we will continue to grow things there even if I am abroad. The reality is, for me the kids are getting a bit older and I want an international recognized education for them. As well as the social network that can be developed into a business network. The Philippines don’t have the same level of opportunities that the West can offer”.

Evan Iliadis said: Wilkie family and friends, help Matt with his treatment, convince him to undergo drugs, alcohol and computer detoxification. He needs internment in a specialized institution guarded 24/7/365. Before being too late!

The Philippines got rid of him, England doesn’t want him, neither does Germany, Spain, Greece or France. Only mental institutions will welcome him. And is free in the UK. Matt Wilkie from Worcester UK

Nov 30

Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from John’s Worcester UK speaks of typhoon ordeal (From Worcester News) Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Dear Worcester News, Dear Alicia Kelly. I know how difficult is when up in the morning feeling the pressure “what I’m gonna publish tomorrow” How to keep up the momentum on my blogs and bring some extra readers and advertisers.Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Yeah, I know. You have done a pretty good job, nothing to say, rich and interesting content for a local news blog. Congratulations. However, flaws can happen, bloggers are often solicited and manipulated by other bloggers in search of backlinks, page ranking or image re-making, or simply by readers just for the heck to see their name on a good blog like yours. No exception here.  The evil came to your place and left a stingy spot that better use chlorine to clean up the place. Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK


I’m here today to put the record straight on the liar you hosted on your blog last week. My first question would be: Do you know the guy?  Matt Wilkie? Probably not. I’ll direct you soon to his record, but first I was wondering, how a quality content blog can afford such a mediocre report written by a sexpat living in the Philippines?

Matt Wilkie knows less than you about the typhoon, nothing happened to his area, he hasn’t helped anyone, he’s taking advantage of the situation, like many others in the Philippines low life expat and sexpat community, to once again cover up his crooked business including prostitution and scamming he’s involved.

Matt Wilkie has not contributed in any rescue mission, his FB is made with photos stolen by others, the drama was unfolded far from his place and nothing where he lives. And this photo below? Did not trigger any hint to you about his sanity?  No, he’s not blind. A megalomaniac narcissistic, a loser looking for glory in a third world country, one of the most hated expats in the PH trying to clean up his bad record.Google these words:

Matt Wilkie porn  Matt Wilkie pig, Matt Wilkie Philippines  Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Enjoy your hero


Nov 30

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda. Matt Wilkie Philanthropist? No!

Suddenly, everyone look for his share of a good doer, thanks to others’ misery. Some have gone as far as creating disasters for raising funds, goods and other donations “for the victims”.

The recent earthquake in Bohol followed by the devastating typhoon in Leyte Philippines confirmed once again not all NGO, pseudo-NGO, local governments, politicians and “philanthropists” are equal.Matt Wilkie is not an exception. In a comic and amateurish way wants you to believe that he cares for the community he lives in. But many think otherwise. Here is something from his FB page.

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.
Is not the first time Matt Wilkie in Cebu Philippines is flirting with charity business. It’s an old dream he had from day one upon arrival in the Philippines. Broke mentally and financially. With his other British friend Mark Hamilton both tried hard to lure expats on crooked insurance business or raising money for the poor and destitute in the Philippines. Take a look below.

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

No one has donated. Don’t be the first victim. Be smart, avoid Matt Wilkie’s scams, they are all over the net. The original page about his container scam. Below, is another screenshot of Matt Wilkie’s FB. It’s in regard to the support he received from the recent campaign to raise money for the poor. Or to pay for fixing his broken car. We’ll see. The comment below came from Chris Bennetts a psychopath you’ll read about in the next editions of this blog.


Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

This confirmation comes from the pen of a man in good standing in the society? Not really. Just Google Chris Bennetts porn and there you  go. It comes from a perverted pornographer, a stalker, a wanted man that helps Matt Wilkie survive in the Philippines having as a facade a BPO business. Chris Bennets is not the only one Matt Wilkie is connected in Human trafficking business. You’ll know them soon. Meanwhile, please do a favor to yourself. Give your contribution to some one you are sure will get to destination. Just a last thing and I’m done. Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

Watch his video posted on Youtube recently. The guy is on medications, no serious businessman come to the waves doing this kind of marketing. There isn’t any BPO business. There is scamming  and porn only.

 Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.


Updated Oct. 16, The coward removed the video Matt Wilkie ballless?No! it was temporary! He put it back again.

Nov 02

BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

Innovation,Innovation, InnovationMatt Wilkie’s BPO 24hour surprised us again! A whole new concept, new technology, new faces! Let Matt tell the story in person: BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers. remove accents of call center agents by using advanced technology.Instead of hearing a call center agent that is struggling with making their voice sound American, British or other nationality. You receive the calls from someone who sounds local because their voice is local! BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers. 

The technology is based on a storyboard styled dialing system where pre-recorded messages are prepped with a live agent having every response needed. As most call center campaigns are scripted it not only means that the questions are repetitive but also the customers’ responses are as well. This allows this technology to work extremely well and has been tried and tested for several years already. BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers. 

We currently have our own in-house system that is available for lease including trained agents. To discuss this in more detail please get in touch.

And how about us Smart Pigs? Remember?

“Astonishing! Talented Matt Wilkie! How could anyone resist on this? Living close to your pigs paid off! Finally! I imagine the nights you spent sleeping with them, talking to them, your wife played her role as well, by stopping by and talking to the pigs every other hour!!! Congratulations! BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers. 

BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

I heard the signing of the contract with the PNP and other Philippines government security agencies will be a public event broadcasted all over the world from the PH Presidential Palace where President Aquino will invest you with a special award tailored just for you in line with your profile shown on the picture with the pigs…We will cover this live when it happens….”  

Remember that?

 Now you junked us in favor of robots that speak better English!… Evan Iliadis doesn’t speak good English also but he managed to promote your business all over he world making you the number one laughing stock on the net…

OK Boss. Whatever you decide. Have a nice day in Qatar or Oman where ever you flock right now  and don’t worry, Evan will take care of you…

By the way congratulations on your new picture on FB below. Very nice. I see you with some Pakistanis security guards and oil field laborers. Is any one of them Shawn Peterson? 

BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.

And if you don’t mind, may we ask why your working cloths are made of orange-red color? You give us the impression that you do some training in anticipation to join the famous dancers of Cebu.  

To which the gossipers around saying that is your next step  for finding cheap agents for the BPO 24hour  center. God bless you Boss, God bless Evan,  God bless us the pigs, we hope you have enough money to post bail once within the orange color dressing clothes community. BPO 24hour AVATAR dialers.


Aug 10

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services – Matt Wilkie Philippines

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services
Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Matt Wilkie said: “OK I wanted to share my experience with BPO 24 hour services. We simply dropped out off the planet since about February and not in a negative way.”

What was the reason? Well online we market for new business, but simply we have been full since February with client projects. We are now getting ready to expand again as we took a second building and filled it within a week. Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services – Matt Wilkie Philippines

Now we are looking at another building to add another 100 agents to our team. But our networking has also seen us expand considerably from our initial 20 agents. We have actually got access to over 3,000 around the globe that we network and partner with.

Primarily this has been done for specific campaigns because of many need numbers and heavy marketing which does mean we don’t always need to operate from our own centers. Also if someone asks for 200 agents it is much easier to get 10 call centers to dedicate 20 each than talking one into committing 200 staff.Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Next week though is going to see things move up a notch as other strings are added to our bow to help the business grow even faster. One thing is for sure BPO 24 Hour is growing at a much faster rate than we had originally considered. But it’s also controlled to allow quality to continue to be our strength in delivery. Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services.
Our clientele is composed of the elite in the pharmaceutical industry that felt obliged to trust their business with us, we know each other for a long time. In effect, I myself have been feeding their business with tons of medications over the years. To give you an idea, the list below is only partial, missing is all the “dealers” and online pharmacies selling fake viagra and chalis, we have them all! Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Psychotropic Drug Category Descriptions  Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie-enjoys BPO 24 hour services Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services

The following is a list of the major categories of psychotropic drugs:

 Big names in the Industry folks! Thanks to them, they have trusted me all along as I trusted them! “Donant dormant”! Not only they treated my brain disorders, now I have their business!!…

As for my picture above, first, you noticed I gained a lot of weight, second my hair grew wild! Yes, folks! Sick and tired of keeping my sunglasses all the time on top of my head to hide the baldness! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Pharma industry! I’ll give you one-month free Bpo!

But what’s that sh…it ! Someone said I’m a crook? Me? Who said it This ass Evan Iliadis? Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services

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